Divine Conversations


Gabriella (age 5): What do we do when we die Mummy?”
Mummy: Our souls leave our bodies and go to heaven. Sometimes they come back to live in new bodies and sometimes they stay in invisible places on earth to keep loving their children. 
Gabriella: If you die does that mean you are better?
Mummy: No darling. It means I didn’t get better and you wouldn’t be able to see me anymore. But my soul would find an invisible place to love you from. 
Gabriella: Does dying hurt the soul Mummy?
Mummy: I don’t think so darling. 
Gabriella: Good. I love your soul Mummy.

And she falls asleep with her first tooth under the pillow hoping the tooth fairy will come.

On a walk with my husband
Sophie: How are your spirits today babe?
John: Buoyant actually. I feel well when you feel well. That’s just how it is for me. Also, the house is clean and tidy at the moment.
Sophie: (knowing how essential clean and tidy is to his spirit and how crap I am at that): It’s amazing you haven’t left me long ago babe. I’m really your worst nightmare in that sense aren’t I? 
John: Yes actually, but where does a man go when he leaves what he belongs to?

All those years without him come in from the cold.