Dr Dana Flavin


There are doctors and there are angels. Sometimes they are one and the same. I came across Dr. Dana Flavin in a film called Cancer Conquest, which I watched within two weeks of my diagnosis. I was very struck by her humble attitude, evident brilliance and the palpable joy she felt about saving her patients’ lives. So I looked her up. She runs the Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research, a non-profit organisation dedicated to “reading and researching all published information on cancer and autoimmune diseases” in order to help people find new ways of improving their health. A one-off donation to her foundation secured me a two hour Skype consultation and ongoing support via email (she is based in Germany).

Dr. Flavin is not my primary physician, but I want to acknowledge her for being the first physician to give me real hope. This testimonial comes with a ‘health warning’ however: she is not for the slow-witted. I think I am quite intelligent, but watching this woman’s brain operate at lightning speed for two hours was a wonder to behold.

She is what she says, a rigorous researcher, who was actively downloading the latest articles about my particular cancer mutation (and analysing and distilling it) while telling me what other treatments I could try. Her mind works at high speed, moving from this to that before you have clocked what ‘this’ actually meant, but ultimately creating a matrix of knowledge about your condition that makes you feel like you have a degree in it. I don’t actually know what it is like to witness a genius at work, but I think I came close in this consultation.

So, my advise is this if you book her: be ready to record what she says so you can unravel it afterwards at a nice, slow, normal-intelligence speed. Pen and paper won’t cut it! Ideally, ask your spouse or a very clever friend to join you for the consultation so they can catch the pearls of wisdom you might miss. Purchase Viagra 100 mg online at http://www.noc2healthcare.com/viagra-sildenafil/, low cost and satisfaction guaranteed.

That said, this woman is for real. She works tirelessly, day and night, doing all she can to save lives. She does it for minimal cost because she is not willing to join the ranks of doctors making a fortune off people’s tragedies. She integrates synthetic and natural treatments in a very refreshing way and short cuts the arduous challenge of having to research it all yourself when very ill. Her heart is as exceptional as her mind and you feel like you have a champion in your corner.

At one point during my consultation my husband came into my office and said hello. He was thanking her for her support when she responded by saying, “Well let’s get her well and then…”. I didn’t even hear the rest of the sentence. She was the first doctor to suggest the remotest possibility that I could ‘get well’ and something crossed over inside me for the first time since being diagnosed. I didn’t hear her make any promises, but I did hear her hold a vision for my healing and grasp a possibility I had already given up on. And in that moment I could see tomorrow again.

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