How to Prepare for Brain Surgery

  1. Do a four-day juicing fast with high nutrient shots and supplements.

  2. Then eat for a few days to build strength (super food smoothies, soup, lots of vegetables, good fat, healthy protein, even a raw food brownie).

  3. Have a hot stone massage and some lymph drainage.

  4. Relax in Epsom salt baths.

  5. Receive healing from an Inuit Shaman who lives in Greenland.

  6. Be a person not a patient by making nails pretty.

  7. Work through fear and dig for unexpected gifts with the best process for such things on the planet (IMHO), supported by dear and skillful friend. (That’s The Clearing Process by the way. Chapter 7 of my book.)

  8. Go for a country walk with an old friend and soul sister in beautiful spring sunshine.

  9. Write an article about this latest challenge for a national newspaper.

  10. Stay with best friend from school the night before the operation and enroll her into coming to hospital with me at 6am to hold my hand.

  11. Accept the uniquely skilled Catherine Rolt’s generous offer to be there on the day while John looks after Gabriella (and visits later).

  12. Buy silver trainers.

  13. Take Gabriella out of school for a few days to stay in London at her grandparents’ house with dad so she can be part of, not apart from the action.

  14. Line up a couple of special friends to visit me in hospital.

  15. Plan the life I intend to manifest when I wake up in neurological tact and find a way to get rid of the tumours.

  16. Keep my powder dry by ensuring my husband has power of attorney and all my passwords.

  17. Pray a lot.

  18. Buy a fabulous everyday hat for the frontal bald patch.


Shaky knees, but ready and willing. Onwards.