Sophie's Treatments


These treatments comprise a personal programme that I took considerable time researching and finding reliable practitioners for.  I am not in the business of making health recommendations on this blog so am not including links to other sites at this stage. 

All these treatments can be explored through Google. It is essential you do your own research and seek expert medical advise in making your decisions.

I also recommend fundraising if these kinds of treatments are hard to afford.  A team of friends and family have done this for me, which has made all the difference.  Learn how to receive support!

Afatinib: tumour inhibitor targeted at my cancer mutation

  1. Radiotherapy: so far only to one tumour on my C3 vertebra

  2. Nutrition/radical change in diet (organic, mainly vegan, sugar-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free, alcohol-free)

  3. Supplements (too many to list, but all prescribed or well researched)

  4. Colonic irrigation

  5. Acupunture & chinese herbs

  6. Naturopathy

  7. Lymph drainage

  8. Hot stone massage

  9. Hyperthermia

  10. Ozone therapy

  11. Mega doses of Vitamin C and B17

  12. Rife Technology

  13. Cannabis oil

  14. Oxygen machine (for use with exercising)

  15. Coffee enemas

  16. Castor oil packs

  17. Foot soaks

  18. Mud packs

  19. Epsom salt baths

  20. Regular walking

  21. Psychotherapy

  22. Meditation/hypnotherapy

  23. Brain mapping/neurofeedback

  24. Holistic dentistry

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