That Day When


Yes, I did. 8 sips exactly. Left the rest.

That day when your scan results confirm “an excellent response to treatment” and only refer to the one remaining primary tumour in the lung, which is now quite small.


That day when your daughter is named Star of the Week because she made a quantum leap in maths, which her teacher said “nearly made me weep” and which did make me weep. It meant as much to me as my scan results.


As I wrote on Facebook on the actual day we were told she had achieved this great feat (star of the week awarded later): 


That day when Kelly Turner, New York Times bestseller of Radical Remission endorses my book on social media:


That day when my book went to Amazon international bestseller status in about eight categories after just three days, including the category that counts the most:



That day when someone with stage four cancer posts this on Facebook, having only read a couple of chapters:



That day when your mum sends you flowers because she is so damn proud of you.


That day when you get gorgeous blue suede, calf length winter boots.

That day when you go for a walk on a clear blue crispy October day with your husband and puppy, exactly a year after being told you had a few months to live, and every pore on your skin tingles with wonderment.

That day when God’s grace shines upon you and your cup runneth over.

That day.

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