Support Centres


There are a lot of cancer charities to support you, but some are not as well known as others. These are the ones Sophie recommends most highly:


Penny Brohn

Support for the mind, body and spirit. Committed to helping cancer patients thrive.


Yes To Life

Support to make informed decisions about treatments - both conventional and complementary. Plus financial support for the latter.


Maggie’s Cancer Centres

Practical, emotional and social support in amazing buildings on hospital sites in different parts of the UK.


The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Sophie is highlighting this charity as the only one in the UK supporting patients with the most taboo (‘it’s your fault’) cancer to have. And the cancer Sophie has.



Founded by Sophie’s friend and cancer warrior, Kris Hallenga, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in her early 20s. She is still here ten years later by the way! All about educating young women to get to know their boobs!

Look for specific charities that support your particular cancer. There are lots out there.

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