A Christmas Miracle


I received the best possible Christmas present this week. Exactly a year ago, multiple brain tumours were discovered for the third time in as many years, including activity in the meninges (brain lining and fluid pathways) which usually means “game over”.  As many of you are aware, the next nine months were extremely challenging and in July I was fairly sure I would not see 2018.

This week my brain scan showed EVERY tumour had gone except for an 8mm spot in the area where a big bugger had knocked me off balance all summer. My cautious oncologist called this “fantastic”. Twice.

I am not cured. In addition to my complementary treatments, I am on a new chemo drug (Osimertinib) that I didn’t qualify for under the existing licence but managed to get my hands on (with some incredible help). We doubled the dose to zap it into my brain, which is not without side effects. Cancer cells are still circulating in my blood. But…


I’ll take that. Thank you.

Inwards and onwards to another life-drenched day.

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