My Life Went BOOM!

This time a year ago I was losing my balance as tumours permeated my brain. Today I feel well, energised, focused, dare I say ‘normal’. And I just got my latest scan results. All is well. No change since last time. Brain clear but for a tiny spot. Rest of me rocking along nicely considering cancer is still flowing through my veins. Mightily relieved as the road rolls out in front of me. And this is my first blog since Christmas because my life went boom (again)!

In January I finished writing my book. In February I led my first More To Life weekend course (my fave thing to do) in two years. In March I led an international leadership retreat in Atlanta for the More To Life Foundation and laid my beloved father to rest. In April I co-led a stunning six-day course called Sixth Sense in South Africa and saw my darling daughter turn eight. This month I am doing a 21-day detox while working hard to give my new book wings in a country where 20 books are published per hour, many of which are never seen again. Lifeshocks – And how to love them is now at the printer. In June I will deliver a six-day course in Gloucestershire called Living Creatively (might know something about that) and return home the day before it is published. Then a series of events will ensue over the summer before John, Miss G and I escape to Portugal in late August.

This is a very creative, productive, sometimes stressy but mostly life-drenched time. There is so much emerging that I am hiring a part-time assistant, something I haven’t had since I closed my business nearly four years ago. I don’t even have time to write one of the dive-in, live-deep, bare-my-soul blogs that got so much of this started way back when. (Read my book for a LOT of that!) But I am making time to pull in support, from a friend managing my detox at home to a mobile hairdresser who comes to my house and a personal trainer helping me rebuild the strength I lost last year. Not to mention some essential treatments like my colonics!

Meantime, I have received a few messages asking if I am still alive so this to confirm that I frickin-well amazeballs AM. Right now. Right here. Riding this tidal wave of grace.

I deeply miss my Dad.
I am in love with my work.
I adore my family.
I’m not so keen on cancer.
And I am indescribably grateful for my life.

Stay tuned.