Health Update


May 23:

8 hours Gamma Knife radiation to 27 small brain tumours.
Backed up by ozone therapy, vitamin C infusions, bicarbonate infusions, supplements from Dana Flavin and other alternative treatments.

Aug 17:

Almost all brain tumours GONE and last few GOING. These are almost invisible.
My neurosurgeon said it takes about four months for them to disintegrate so this is a ‘remarkable response’ in less than three months.

This is the best news of all because it means the disease is not spreading at the moment, which was my main concern.

Primary tumour in lung REMAINS so cancer still in my system.
More work to be done…

Aug 18:


PROSCECCO PROTOCOL officially integrated into treatment plan.
Tickles the taste buds
Winds the neck in
Chills the boots
Increases laughter
Alkalises the spirit

Infusions available soon.

Amazing grace. 
Massive reprieve. 

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