My Top Ten Gifts of Cancer


Gifts are different to perks. They transform the quality of your life and make indelible imprints on your soul. They make you sincerely grateful for having this terrible disease. Today this is my top ten gifts of cancer:

  1. Writing again, which was what I always wanted to do but never got round to.

  2. Prodigal friends: such a joy to be reunited with so many people I haven’t seen for years, including my three best friends from school.

  3. Not taking any time with my husband and daughter for granted. They are my heaven on earth.

  4. The best relationship with my siblings that I’ve ever had.

  5. Living in the now and making more of every moment.

  6. Taking radical responsibility for my health and wellbeing.

  7. Lightening up about almost everything and laughing more than I ever have.

  8. Unprecedented levels of self-esteem born of learning to value one’s life with every fibre of your being.

  9. Walking this road with unwavering faith and feeling God carry me when I can’t take another step.

  10. The certainty that I am profoundly loved and will be missed when I am gone.