My Top Ten Perks of Cancer

As silver linings go there are big ones and small ones. Perks are different to gifts because they make life a little easier rather than augmenting the soul! These are my current top ten perks of cancer :

  1. Blue badge parking (major stress buster)

  2. Being let off thank you letters for presents and parties by the Mums at Gabriella’s school

  3. Free prescriptions

  4. Ordering wheelchairs at airports and avoiding long queues

  5. Having more time to meditate and go for walks

  6. Being fed healthy food by friends who really know how to cook

  7. Appreciating new wrinkles instead of fretting about them

  8. Learning to accept support without feeling embarrassed or guilty

  9. Worrying about losing weight instead of putting it on

  10. Having something really juicy to complain about, yet feeling little need to complain