My Top Ten Miss List


I have radically changed my lifestyle since being diagnosed with cancer and, even though much of what I miss is self-imposed for well-researched reasons, I don’t miss them any the less.  These are my top ten:

  1. Red wine, cheese, salami and crispy bacon (not that I consumed these things very often)

  2. Hot date nights with my husband when champagne flows

  3. Expensive non-organic conditioner with chemicals that make my hair really shiny

  4. Eating at restaurants without having to vet a dozen menus before choosing the venue

  5. Grabbing any fruit I like from the bowl on the kitchen table

  6. Wasting whole days watching back-to-back episodes of Downton Abbey, Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy

  7. Drinking Gin and Tonic sundowners in the garden with John while Gabriella climbs trees and intermittently bugs us to try some

  8. Owning my own home (we planned to rent temporarily but people with terminal cancer don’t get mortgages so we’re staying put)

  9. Facilitating intense three-day transformational workshops that lit up people’s lives and left me rejuvenated afterwards

  10. Not being afraid of doing something, anything, that might be bad for my health.